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Vicor Internship

About Vicor

Vicor is the leader in power conversion, using power-dense modules. Their technology is applied in a variety of electronic industries, like automotive, aerospace, computing, and defense. I worked as in intern for the automotive team to accelerate vehicle electrification. 


  • Understand the market and electrical engineering design of electric vehicles (EVs).

  • Understand power conversion technology and Vicor's innovative solution

  • Show original equipment manufactures (OEMs, like BMW, Mercedes, and Hyundai) the value of Vicor's power modules. Specifically, how the weight savings from 48V zonal architecture saves on cost and enhances range, safety, and electronic components


  • Gained exposure and hands-on-experience with advanced electronics

    • Learned about power electronics

    • Performed test benches for power modules with the product development team

    • Took factory tours with head engineers

    • Joined technical meetings about power modular technology, automotive applications​, and, out of curiosity, computer vision.

  • Wrote a technical article that will be published in late 2023

    • Collaborated with engineers and marketing strategists​

  • Gained business skills

    • Joined meetings with the biggest OEMS, observing financial accounting, negotiating, effective communication, supply chain, and decision-making skills. ​

    • Created and showcased presentation to Vicor's entire Global Automotive Team.

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